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Ride On Batteries

No one likes overgrown grass and weeds. Apart from giving your home or property an unkempt appearance, overgrowth attracts pests into your property. Mowing your yard is a vital aspect of proper lawn maintenance. A well-kept lawn offers cosmetic and healthy benefits for your greenery.

The Lawn mower is a vital member of your lawn maintenance team. This equipment keeps your lawns or yards neat and tidy. Homeowners depend on their mowers for a manicured and lovely yard. Without a functioning lawn mower, keeping your yard clean is a challenge.

Your ride on lawn mower batteryis the heart that pumps the energy it needs. Protect your lawn by maintaining the equipment that maintains your yard.

Baybat Batteries New Zealand is one of the nation’s leading providers of quality batteries for vehicles and mowers. If you need a ride on mower battery, we’ve got the answer. Our selection of batteries delivers excellent performance and high resistance against impact and vibration. Baybat Batteries provide rigorous power for better functionality.

At Baybat Batteries, our customers are our first priority; we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We source our batteries from trusted international manufacturers. All of our batteries are certified to ISO quality systems, ensuring you buy only the best. When you purchase from us, you make a good investment while increasing your lawn’s aesthetic appeal.

Baybat Batteries deliver quality ride on battery for your lawn mower. Say hello to fresh lawns by arming your equipment with a battery you can trust. Quality need not come at expensive prices. All of our batteries are available at competitive prices.

Apart from offering our clients with high-performance batteries, we also provide the following services for free:

  • Testing
  • Alternator charge rate test
  • Fitting

For more information on our products or services, contact us at 07 571 2222, or visit our stores at Tauranga and Waikato.