Tauranga Marine Batteries

When it comes to boating, one of the most under-appreciated aspects of your watercraft is its electrical power system. Marine batteries are the heart of every boat or vessel. These power sources pump life into your watercraft, providing it with enough current and electricity to run efficiently.

Unfortunately, like other electrical devices, batteries fall short of our expectations. Due to prolonged usage and wear, the heart of our watercraft fails and we are faced with sudden breakdowns. If your battery is not in perfect shape, your boat is rendered useless.

Do not let your battery let you down. If your watercraft needs a marine battery in Tauranga, call Baybat Batteries New Zealand now. Maximise your boat’s potential by installing a new set of power sources. With our range of batteries, you can never go wrong.

Our deep-cycle marine batteries possess premium power perfect for coasting and speeding through the waves. Baybat Batteries’ range of products delivers power when needed and can easily withstand frequent depths of discharge. Battery features include high performance and resistance to damaging impact and vibration.

Baybat Batteries takes customer satisfaction seriously. We provide our clients only the best quality products. Our company sources our batteries from internationally trusted manufacturers, guaranteeing you receive only the best. Our products are also certified by ISO Quality Systems.

For your marine battery needs in Tauranga, choose Baybat Batteries. Enjoy the waves and the thrill of the sea with a battery that lasts.

Batteries also play an important role for your business’s success. Buy a battery that prolongs your watercraft’s life and comes at a competitive price.

Apart from providing top-quality products, Baybat Batteries also offers the following services, free of charge:

  • Testing
  • Fitting
  • Alternator charge rate test

For more information on our products or services, contact us at 07 571 2222 or visit our stores at Tauranga or Waikato.