Diesel & Commercial

Diesel and Commercial Batteries for Sale

Diesel batteries are essential in daily routines that require your commercial vehicle’s assistance. Regardless of the distance or vehicle type (construction vehicles or buses), business owners need reliable power sources. This way, your service is always ready and on the go.

Save time and money by avoiding sudden car breakdowns. Baybat Batteries New Zealand helps auto electricians, petrol companies, plant machinery sites and other industries to maximise income by preventing potential interruptions earlier. You can never go wrong with our range of commercial and diesel batteries.

When your battery is not working at its best anymore, it’s time for a replacement. Trust the experts with your battery concerns—trust Baybat Batteries. Work with New Zealand’s leading providers of quality battery solutions.

Our range of commercial and diesel batteries utilise the latest technology to produce power that lasts. We understand the importance of uninterrupted commercial services; our commercial batteries offer the best level of performance and maximum power. Our batteries are low-maintenance and easy to install. Baybat Batteries’ range of products boasts high performance with impact and vibration resistance. Our range of batteries is also certified by ISO Quality Systems.

We prioritise customer satisfaction. Here at Baybat Batteries, we source our products from the world’s trusted manufacturers. All of our batteries pass the highest standards. When you buy from our range, you make a good investment in your business.

Choose Baybat Batteries for your diesel battery needs. Batteries also play an important role in your business’s success. Purchase one that maximises your efforts. Our team also believes quality need not come at unreasonable prices. All of our batteries are available at competitive prices.

We don’t just provide you quality batteries; we also offer the following services, free of charge:

  • Testing
  • Alternator charge rate test
  • Fitting

For more information on our products or services, contact us at 07 571 2222 or visit our stores at Tauranga or Waikato.