Car Batteries in Tauranga

Any automobile needs a car battery to start its engine. Whatever the size, a car cannot function well without an efficient battery. Batteries stabilize and filter your car, providing the power it needs for electrical lighting, ignition, air-conditioning and other car functions. Your battery also maintains the regular electric flow of your vehicle’s charging system when it is not operating.

The car battery is an important part of your vehicle. Don’t wait to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because your ignition won’t turn over. If you are going to buy a new car battery, buy one from New Zealand’s best.

Baybat Batteries New Zealand is your leading provider of top-quality car batteries in Tauranga. We source our batteries from the world’s most trusted manufacturers, making sure our clients receive only quality products.

Our batteries possess beneficial advantages for your cars. Voltage-wise, our models improve your current’s flow. We also have batteries that deliver high performance and are resistant to vibration and damaging impact. All of our car batteries in Tauranga are certified under ISO Quality Systems.

For your car battery needs in Tauranga, work with the best. Baybat Batteries prioritises our customer’s satisfaction. It is our commitment to meet all of your needs. Apart from providing you with superior products, we also deliver quality services. Our range of services includes:

  • Free testing
  • Free fitting
  • Free alternator charge rate test

Our team also provides a call-out service in case of emergencies such as on-street breakdowns or when your engine won’t start at home. We make sure our clients get the right battery at affordable rates.

Improve your car’s performance with a top-quality car battery. Buy your new car battery from Baybat Batteries. Get in touch with us now at 07 571 2222 or visit our shops at Tauranga and Waikato.
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