AGM – for extreme applications

An absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery is constructed differently from traditional batteries. This specially-designed mat is created to move battery electrolytes between battery plates. AGM batteries possess thin fiberglass mats sandwiched between plates saturated with battery acid. Since its beginning in 1980, the AGM battery has continued to renovate vehicle battery technology.

AGM batteries are revolutionary innovations that offer better improvements over other battery types. This technology is the next step towards the battery evolution for marine, aviation and motorhome applications. Here at Baybat Batteries New Zealand, we want you to experience the difference.

This battery type is ideal for heavily equipped vehicles that utilise electronic devices such as aftermarket car audio systems, navigations, stop-start technology and electrical parking brakes. Higher voltages are necessary for proper maintenance of sophisticated equipment.

Your options play a vital role in your vehicle’s performance. Our AGM battery technology aims to deliver efficient upgrades to your vehicle’s battery design. Compared with other batteries, AGM’s plates and separators are held within cells, making it 20 times resistant to vibration. Our batteries are also safer to use because of their electrolyte-free nature.

AGM batteries are beneficial additions. Here are more reasons AGM batteries are necessities for your car, truck or marine machines:

  • Higher cranking
  • Vibration resistant
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Powerful
  • Resilient
  • Can be installed at any angle
  • Twice as durable as flooded batteries

For your AGM battery needs, choose Baybat Batteries NZ Ltd. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; we make sure you get the product you deserve. We source our batteries from the world’s trusted battery manufacturers, guaranteeing superior products at competitive prices. We make sure you get the right battery at the right price.

Other than offering quality products, Baybat Batteries also provides the following services free of charge:

  • Alternator charge rate test
  • Testing
  • Fitting

Let your vehicle experience the AGM difference. For more information on our products, give us a call at 07 571 2222, or visit our store.